Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Why this blog?

The last two years i've been looking for information about mobile web and mobile java.... and been quite frustrated about what i found, or rather didn't find.
My first encounter with all things mobile was in 2000 for a Vodafone / Vivendi startup. In those days it was really really hard to find any reliable information about mobile technology. So the company i was working for burned humungus amounts of cash to find things out by trial and error. Recently i started a company geared towards mobile web and applications and i was expecting the mobile software industry to have matured and opened up in the way enterprise software has in the last 5 years. But to my amazement this is not the case. It is a little easier to find your way around the mobile circus than it was in 2000, but i think it is still much too hard. While giving a course on mobile technology last month i realized that a lot of the stuff i was telling the students is excruciatingly hard to find on the net. Sure there are some forums you can look at, but if you work in mobile software development chances are you will be using several technologies, each equally obscure and undocumented. Wouldn't it be neat if the information you needed was bundled somewhere.

So here is my attempt to bundle useful information for software developers and users of mobile software. I will be adding stuff slowly but on a regular basis. I'm hoping it will save a lot of people a lot of time and frustration.

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kalis said...

Hi ,
How are you, can you please help me out finding, where i can download the software,


Robin said...

Try here:
You have to register to get the download.